Saturday, October 11, 2014

Country Life = Baby Showers

We are in full baby shower mode around here! Our daughter-in-law is expecting in December. Our first grandchild! A boy!

We are having a small shower in our house tomorrow afternoon. Our daughter and I have been getting decorating ideas from....... where else? Pinterest!

And even though she lives 5  hours away, the magical thing called the internet is allowing us to share ideas with ease. But nothing compares to doing it in person, and she is coming home today. Yay! The flurry of actually putting together our ideas will be taking place soon. I will post pictures once everything slows down again.

In the meantime, our daughter-in-law is traveling 2 1/2 hours today to attend the shower in her hometown that her family is having for her.

Yep, full baby shower mode around here!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

12 years!

It's our 12th Anniversary!
We have been in business for 12 years in our brick & mortar location.
Longer than that if you count the years we only did shows.

Where does the time go?

For a couple stories about our opening, 
and the effort that went into it, see our facebook page.

No time today, but one of these days,
maybe I will post some of the photos from those early days.

Oh, the memories!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Country Life = Canning Applesauce and Preserving Memories

This was my day yesterday - canning applesauce.

To be honest, I don't like working up apples. I enjoy canning, but I find apples to be very tiresome. Cutting them up, cooking them to make them soft, running them through the strainer, and finally reaching the canning stage......... lots of work! But totally worth it.

Anytime I can, memories come flooding back. Mostly of me and my mom canning together, which we did every summer. She has been gone for several years, but every single time I can, I hear her voice guiding me in the steps. I am so glad I paid attention! I treasure those memories more than I can express. We shared many happy times as we "put up" food for winter. 

With apples though, the memories also include my dad. They had several apple trees, so I can see him picking them, and bringing them into the kitchen in one bushel basket after another. If they didn't have a good crop, they would buy apples from a local orchard. When my kids were small, the orchard owner would sometimes drop off their order at their house. She was a story teller, and I can still see my kids sitting there, soaking up every word she said.

Dad didn't usually help with the canning, but he did with the apples, because they would put up several bushels. So every fall, he and mom would turn their kitchen into an applesauce factory. Mom knew which varieties to cook together to make the best sauce. I remember one year when the sauce came out pink from the red peelings. It was delicious!

There was much more preserved in that kitchen than food. I miss them both terribly, but am so very thankful for the lessons... and the memories.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Open House

We are in the middle of our Fall Open House. The weather is not cooperating. We have had an absolutely gorgeous stretch of fall weather the last couple of weeks. Not a drop of rain in sight. Sunny, comfortable days. But yesterday on day one of our open house, it rained.

All day.

It's now day two. I'm laying in bed, trying to wake up. The wind is howling outside, as the temperatures drop. More rain is coming.

But that's ok!

It was dry, and we needed the rain. We had planned to have crafts outside for the open house. Obviously we can't do that, but the rain won't hurt pumpkins, so they can still go outside. 

Our shop is warm & dry. You can help yourself to lemonade & cookies. Sign up to win one of two $25 gift certificates.

The rain will hurt business, it always does. But at least we have a roof over our head.

We feel terrible for the crafters set up at one of our favorite festivals. Oglebayfest is this weekend, in Wheeling, WV. They do set up under large tents.... but still.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see us today. And stop by Oglebay as well. We will be going there tomorrow after church.

Happy weekend!!!

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