Friday, July 14, 2017

Broken Window

It started with a crack in the glass. Never a good thing when you are talking about plate glass.

I called the window company, and when the guy came, he said, "I could press on it to make it finish it's run, but I'm afraid it will be too much weight on the break since the break is down low".

I agreed, and we we settled on taping the crack while he ordered new glass.

That was last Thursday. On Saturday afternoon, I heard a sound like someone had hit the glass. But there was no one around it. The sound was the glass cracking as it finished its run.


I called George, and he hurried into town. Naturally, we couldn't get hold of anyone at the glass company, because these things always happen on a weekend.

So, while I carefully got everything out of the window that had been on display, he made a lumberyard run, and we built a plywood covering.

The plan was to attach the framework to that white part just below the ceiling. He started to drill into it, and.....

Nothing. Nada. Nope.

It must be a metal beam underneath that white paint.

So, plan B.

We leaned bracing up against it, using concrete blocks as anchors.
Not ideal, but it worked.

Doesn't the front of the shop look lovely?

Yeah, not so much.

But it is what it is. So far, the glass is holding, and we hope it will continue to do so until the new glass arrives.

In the meantime....  

Let's just say new glass ain't cheap. 

I'm having a sale to raise some money to help pay for this unexpected expense.


It's always something.

For the record, we don't think anyone broke the window, we are pretty certain it's a stress crack.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fireworks and Holidays

Goodness gracious - where does time go? 
I had plans for WV Day posts, and that slid right past me.

At least I got some new barnwood signs made, I just didn't get them posted.

Then all at once it was the 4th of July. 
Happy Independence Day America!!!

George & I enjoyed 3 nights of fireworks. Three! 

The first night was in our hometown of Moundsville, WV.

We sat in the back of our pick up truck, and watched as the skies lit up over the fairgrounds. 
Not a great photo I know, but take my word for it, they were beautiful. 

The next night, we went to Oglebay Park outside of Wheeling, WV.

Huge crowds. HUGE! We were worried we wouldn't find a place to park, but finally did. Love Oglebay! See their website here. Better yet, visit for yourself if you are in the area. Our favorite times are during their Christmas light show, in the fall during Oglebayfest, and the 4th of July fireworks, which they always hold on the 3rd. We also like to attend the Music Under the Stars event, when the Wheeling Symphony plays - and it ends with... you guessed it - fireworks. Yay! 

Those 2 nights of fireworks were great, but then came the actual Independence Day, and the best ones yet: the fireworks at Heritage Port in Wheeling, WV.

Oh my.


HUGE!!! Note the Oglebay photo above - it's cropped down to fit. Now note this one from Wheeling. No need to crop, it filled the whole frame! Over, and over, and over again. 

LOUD!!! Feel it in your chest loud. 

Beyond cool.

The Wheeling Symphony was also playing before the fireworks, but we didn't walk up far enough to see them. We saw a good spot on the lawn when we first got there, and went ahead and grabbed it. We could hear the symphony, so we were happy. And our spot turned out to be a great one. Yay!

Just before dark, the sky itself celebrated the day.

Check out the red, white and blue that Mother Nature provided! 
Plus 3 nights of perfect fireworks weather.

Comfortable evenings, slight breezes, clear skies.

Three nights to remember always.

God bless America. 

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