Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Potion Names

I'm going to make some Halloween bottles, and I've been looking around on the internet for some potion name ideas. I love, love, love fall, but I get a bit squeamish about Halloween. Witches I can handle, (wonder why?), but fear & blood & gore are NOT my thing. So, potion names are a bit out of my comfort zone. But, I'm trying.

One site suggested several words, and I have added to it. Mix and match them to come up with some potion names all your own!

Ready? Here we go........

Fresh, Dead, Mad, Aging, Reformed, Poisoned, Instant, Live, Life, Old, Young, Sleeping, Death, Un-nerving, Haunted, Eerie, Haunting, Bewitching, Love, Howl

Crushed, Pulped, Diced, Minced, Mixed, Whole, Char-grilled, Poached, Dried, Black,

Wort, Wart, Worm, Pupae, Vetch, Egg, Juice, Weed, Blood, Milk, Spawn, Eye, Intestine, Spleen, Wings, Dust, Soup, Slime, Teeth, Brain, Tongue, Marrow, Nerve, Skull, Skullcap, Breath, Hair, Skin, Bones, Skeleton, Fever, Sting

Tincture, Effusion, Elixir, Speciman, Spirit, Potion, Draught, Spell, Magic, Bitters, Concoction, Brew, Cordial, Dose, Draft, Dram, Libation, Mixture, Remedy, Restorative, Stimulant, Tonic, Compound, Formula, Poultice, Preparation, Prescription, Salve, Soother, Unction, Gargle,

Toad, Frog, Bat, Spider, Scorpion, Rat, Dog, Snake, Cat, Dog, Jellyfish, Dragon, Serpent, Hog, Slug, Skunk, Werewolf, Wolf, Newt, Owl, Raven

Vampire, Witch, Troll, Demon, Faerie, Mermaid, Lovers, Warlock, Wizard, Zombie, Mummy, Phantom, Grim Reaper, Goblin, Ghoul, Ghost, Dracula,

Grave, Cauldron, Pot, Gravestone, R.I.P., Tombstone, Mausoleum, Cemetery, Coffin, Cobweb, Casket, Apparition, Broom, Broomstick, Salem, Moon

Some examples:

Toad Skins - may cause warts.

Black Cat Bitters

Witching Hour Elixer

Aging Potion

Dragon's Breath

Black Raven Wings

Faerie Dust

Love Potion

Ok, enough of that! I'm off to make bottle labels! But if you think I'm going to offer you any of my Elderberry Effusion or Wormwood Tincture, you're wrong. I'm keeping it all to myself.


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