Monday, September 12, 2011

We're free! Well...kinda

Remember the construction nightmare?

Such loveliness just a few feet in front of the shop. In front of every shop. In the whole block. The whole looong block from 3rd to 5th Streets.

For our end of Jefferson Avenue, the worst is over. At least I think the worst is over.

They put that lovely yellow fence up on July 19th. They took it down today, September 12. Yep, if you count on your fingers & toes that comes up to almost 2 months.

Oh yeah, that was good for business.

The construction is not over, but at least the bulk of what was happening right in front of us is over. For us. Now the whole kit and kaboodle is on the northern end of Jefferson Avenue. Now they get to deal with the fence, the noise, the booms that literally shake the buildings. The lack of business.

When either end of the street is worked on, it effects both ends, because this is one of the main drags through town - the main business district - and they have it completely shut off. Parking is still scarce, it's still hard to navigate through all the road closed signs. But at least on our end now, the fence is gone.

We feel like we've been let out of prison!

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