Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Construction nightmare

Want to see what our little world looks like in front of the store right now?

The street is being torn out for a sewer line project.

They have fenced the street off, and took over.

Keep in mind, this is the main business district.
With lots of shops.

Shops with business owners who depend on their sales for their living.
Shops who employ several people.

Shops who have have very few customers these days.

Because the construction has shut down the entire street.
Which of course has shut down parking.

Sidewalks are open, and city parking lots are open.
But - most people don't want to have to walk so far.
Or - for health or age reasons, they CAN'T walk so far.

Gotta love this particular machine.
Every time it goes by, the whole building shakes.

I realize this project has to be done....but it seems like it could have been handled differently. Surely there's a way it could be done without devastating the businesses. An example? The first week the fence was put up, there was no work done! The street was blocked for a week for nothing.

Do I sound a bit bitter? Probably because I am, as are the other business owners. I heard this morning that one of the stores business is down 60%. That's probably the case with everyone, but he was brave enough to crunch the numbers.

This is the 3rd week, it's supposed to last till October. I heard a rumor that they are running into problems, and won't be done till December. I certainly hope that is just a rumor that is wrong. Time will tell I guess.

For those customers who have braved the mess and the noise and came in........I sincerely thank you! All of us along Jefferson Avenue could use your support.

I keep reminding myself of my mom's wise words when bad things happened....
This too shall pass.

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