Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fresh eggs. And I do mean fresh!

I'm supposed to be painting pumpkins right now. I had lots painted, and was going to get pictures of them in the shop to post here. But, they sold before I got the picture, so I'm painting more to replenish. Well, to be honest, I've spent the last hour in the chicken coop. Fascinating creatures they are!

I walked in the coop, and saw these 2 hens trying to use the same nesting box.

The line was forming.

 The clucking was getting louder.

The urge was upon them!
It was time to lay an egg, even if there was no more room in the inn!

Ok, this was getting ridiculous.
We have a 3 story inn, they were only using the ground floor.

So, when the second one would get in with the first one,
I'l gently pick up the second one, and move her to the second floor.

Now girls, isn't that better?

A bit more relaxing?

My helper seemed to think so.

I noticed one hen start gently convulsing............

Then I was very excited to see the egg come out!
How cool is that!

I only saw the one come out, but others did lay while I was there.

Oh, the funny shaped eggs are golf balls.
Since these are young hens, just learning the ropes,
the golf ball helps them get the idea.

It's comic to watch them jump in the nest,
and gently move the golf ball around before they lay on it.

"hmmm, I bet I can do that too!"

Every day, we find one egg on the floor in the corner.
I discovered today who the culprit is....

I so wanted to see her lay her egg since she had her backside toward me.
I had the camera pointed at her, and knelt on the floor
till my legs about went to sleep.

I finally gave up, and went outside for a couple minutes.
When I stepped back inside, there it was...

I had just missed it. Oh well.

It's so neat to pick up the eggs just after they've been laid.
So warm in your hand!

We're getting about 13 to 18 eggs a day now.
 If you're interested in fresh eggs, let me know.
We're selling them for $2.00 a dozen.

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