Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Country life = too close for comfort

Yesterday, I was walking toward the chicken coop, when I noticed something odd on the door. At first I couldn't tell what it was, then I got closer. OH NO!!!

Believe me, a slithering snake is NOT what I want to see on the coop door! Or anywhere near the coop. Or anywhere in the yard, the field, the woods, the valley, the state, the nation, the.........well, let's just say I don't care for snakes.

Naturally, I was home alone at the time. I bravely got a hoe - I have managed to kill a snake or two in the past when the need arose. I didn't want to swing at it while it was on the door though. I'm not that co-ordinated; I could picture glass flying and the snake would still slither away.

It started down the door, and I hoped to get a good swing at it on the ground, but it was too fast, and it got away under the coop.

It's going to be a bit nerve-wracking now to feed the chickens and gather the eggs!

On another note: the shop is closed this week. I have pulled a muscle or something in my leg - it's a loooong story that you really wouldn't be all that interested in. Suffice it to say, my leg gets better, then it gets worse. Funny how it gets better when I rest it, and gets worse when I don't.

And, since the shop is extremely slow right now because of the construction nightmare, it seems to make sense to close for a few days and try to get my leg healed up.

While I'm home, I'm working on fall crafts for the store. And, I will be cleaning up a wood pile, that may be the home of the snake. The hoe will be handy!

Oh by the way, I know all about how good it is to have black snakes around. We still don't want them. But if YOU would like to have them, by all means............take ours!

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