Tuesday, August 23, 2011


No pictures, except the ones in our minds of the earthquake we felt today. Believe me, to have felt that much of an earthquake here in WV is memorable. Just not what you expect when you get up in the morning!

I was in the store, where the lovely construction work on the street outside is on-going. I heard a big bang, then the building started shaking. My first thought was that the construction crew had hit a gas line, and that the entire street was going to blow. I felt the building shake, saw things start moving on the walls, and I high-tailed it out the back door. I stood in our parking lot, looked at our building, and could visibly see it swaying.

When I realized it was an earthquake, I was relieved. That didn't seem nearly as frightening as the entire street blowing up!

The quake was centered in VA, near DC. Jessica and Brian live in VA - Brian works in DC, Jessica works in nearby Arlington. As you can imagine, the amount of swaying and shaking we locals felt was nothing compared to what they felt in DC.

They of course felt it very strongly while at work, then went home to find crooked pictures on the wall, and things knocked off shelves. Ummm, isn't that supposed to happen on the OTHER side of the country?

This makes the 3rd earthquake I've felt here in WV in my lifetime. The first (several years ago) was barely noticeable, lasting a few seconds. The second ( a couple years ago) was stronger, lasting a few seconds longer, with a stronger feeling as well.

This one? Ok.....this is as strong as I care to go!

California, you can come pick up your earthquakes anytime.
We've experimented, and we don't care to keep them any longer.
Thanks for sharing, but really, we don't want to play anymore.

Oh! In case you're wondering what the big bang was I heard just before the building started shaking...it was just coincidence. Those construction workers make LOTS of big bangs!

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