Monday, September 19, 2011

A funny thing happened........

I found a bunch of bottles in a dump Kevin happened upon. We poked through it over the weekend, and pulled some of the bottles out of the briars and weeds and dirt. Oh the lengths 'Junkers' go to!

Anyway, I'm not feeling particularly clever today, so I just googled "Halloween Potion Names" to get some ideas for making more labels. One of the sites that came up close to the top was..............MINE!

It came to the post you can see here, which gives you a list of words you can use to come up with your own Potion Names.

Ok, ok, I guess I'm back to using my own advice, and I'll be coming up with my own names!

Just like I did on these ones. I did it once, I can get creative and do it again!

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