Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Country life = A neighbor's kindness

I want to share something that has really touched us recently........

Friends of ours lost their only child in 2008 when she was only 22 years old. She died as a result of an auto accident. I wish I had known her - I did meet her a couple times. As our friendship with her mom has grown since then, I do feel like I knew her through stories her mom proudly shares. The world lost a very special young lady much, much too soon.

Our county is full of ridges and lanes, which have had RD (rural delivery) addresses. In an effort to facilitate emergency vehicles, the county government is giving every ridge and lane a name, which results in all of us in the country getting new addresses. If a lane didn't already have a name, they sent forms out to the residents on that lane on which they could submit name suggestions.

Our friends live on one of those previously un-named lanes. When they got the form, they thought it would be nice if the lane could be named after their daughter, but wasn't sure how the neighbors would feel about it. As it turns out, one of those neighbors had the same thought, and asked them if it would be ok with them to submit their daughter's name. They happily agreed, and now it's official.

They live on Hannah Drive.

Our lives are so intertwined. I doubt we ever realize how many people we touch just in our every day lives. Or how many people care about us.

Hannah may not live among us anymore, but she will continue to live in the hearts of the many people who loved her.

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