Monday, September 24, 2012

"Junkin" finds

Too busy to blog! We hit 3 good "junkin" opportunities lately. This involves the actual trip with all it's buying decisions, loading everything, unloading it again to clean it, reloading, taking it to the store, unloading again, putting it out on the floor, rearranging to make it FIT out on the floor, entering it into inventory and finally pricing it. Whew!

On top of that, I've been spending extra time crafting.....fall and Christmas is the busiest time in the craft world! And getting ready for the Fall Festival on our street that was held last weekend.

And on the homefront......canning the last of the harvest of tomatos.

Can I take a nap now?

(and please, don't look at my house.....I've got to find some time to clean!)

Always on the lookout for more sleds!
Oh, by the way, that school desk on the left?
 That's the kind I used in grade school.
Ahhh, memories.
I love this old chair with arms.
Perfect for your porch.
Note part of the wagon wheel spokes are missing on the left lower side.
We call that "character".

Another school desk.
We've been finding several different styles lately.

We bought this park bench mainly to have a spot where customers can sit
and rest a spell. But, a couple people have shown interest in buying it, so......
I may be on the lookout for another seat for customers to sit and rest a spell.

My favorite thing about this chair is the way it folds up.
Which I didn't get a picture of.
These sold within an hour or so of being put on the floor.
With 2 other people also wanting them.
Where can I find a dozen more?!?
Can't you just see them this time of year
with pumpkins and mums spilling out of them?
Or ferns in the summer?
Windows, windows, windows.
Always in demand.
So many uses for old windows!

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