Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Country Life = Random Thanks

It goes without saying that what I'm most thankful for is God and my family. Actually, it shouldn't go without saying, it should be said every day, and I do make a conscience effort to do just that.

But what else am I thankful for? Well let's see. (in no particular order)

Indoor plumbing. Especially an indoor toilet. And we have more than one! Not that many years ago, that would have been the ultimate luxury!


Random acts of kindness.

Orange juice.

Friends that have become family.

Family that have become friends.

Heat from a wood stove.

Fall leaves.

Cable TV, so I have choices beyond the sex/violence/vulgarity that is network TV these days.

Laughter and a good sense of humor.

A church with strong spiritual leaders who aren't afraid to reach out and tackle today's problems. (National Road Church of Christ in Wheeling, WV - if you're ever in the area, we'd love to have you join us!)

The election is over, and the rhetoric has died down a bit....temporarily.

That we live in a country where we can have an election, even with the rhetoric.

Good music.

A warm bed that's inside four walls with a roof over the top.

The power of prayer.

The seemingly endless overtime George is working. Because we lived through the days when there was no work, and we are well aware that it could happen again anytime.

The great people who support my store by shopping there and spreading the word about it. Small business owners see their customers as much more than a number. We get to know you, and we care about you.

A son-in-law who makes our daughter smile.

A daughter-in-law who does the same for our son.

Cell phones. Especially when we have to call our daughter and son-in-law when we're traveling to their place. It seems every time, something goes wrong, and we're making the "Um, Brian, we seem to be lost" call. And every time he helps us. We're very thankful that he likes us well enough that he doesn't let us just wander around Washington DC all night.

Daughter Jessica's sweet voice when she calls from so far away. (Ok, it's only 5 hours or so, but when she's there instead of here, it seems she's a million miles away).

Pumpkin pie.

Good memories. And the ability our mind has to let the bad memories dim while the good ones get better and better.

The farm animals that son Kevin keeps collecting. He's starting to live his dream, and in the process, George is getting to play too.

Kevin's bride who shares his love of farming. He didn't think he would ever find her, but like magic, Katie appeared in his life. 

Cooper's Rock State Forest in WV. My favorite place in the world.


Kitty cats and puppy dogs.

My parents. George's parents. We miss them so....

George's love. God blessed me much more than I deserved when He gave me such a good man to share my life with.

And the children we raised together, who grew into fine adults we love more than life itself. about you? Do you have a list?

Know what's great? If we take the time, every day, the list can change as we think of the many blessings we have. Even in the rough times, there's so many little things to be thankful for, and those little things add up into big things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh! That reminds me! I'm thankful for pop-up timers on turkeys!

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