Sunday, January 6, 2013

Country Life = A crafty daughter

I've been trying to post for a couple days, but the Browse button that let's me upload photos is missing! It finally occurred to me to try switching to Firefox (I usually use Internet Explorer). For whatever reason, Firefox still shows the browse button. Yay!

I also discovered that in IE, if I switch to HTML, I can upload the photos, then switch back to Compose to write the post. Yay again!

I hope "they" get this bug fixed soon though!

Anyway, one thing I've been wanting to show you is the Christmas ornaments my daughter Jessica made for gifts:

Aren't they great? Believe it or not, this is her first real painting project! And, she did it all free-hand! Way to go Jessica!
Actually, this would be her second painting project. She also painted ornaments for her co-workers at the university where she works, with their school logo. That emboldened her to make the above ornaments for her in-laws and a family friend.
The WJU one is the logo of the university she and her husband Brian both graduated from a few years ago.
The Pittsburgh Steelers and West Virginia University bulbs are fine for personal gift giving, but can't be sold. Why? The respective teams own that logo, and they can't be used for profit without the owners giving permission, and without the owners getting a cut of said profit. Lot's of crafters do it anyway, but if they were ever caught, they would be in trouble.
I did a post on that subject once if you care to read it. You can see it here.
Jessica also made a gathering apron for her new sister-in-law Katie:
Katie loves aprons, so Jessica decided to make her one. Isn't it pretty? The reason it's called a gathering apron is that it's long enough to pick up by the bottom corners, and gather produce, or eggs, or whatever needs gathering, and carry it in the apron. Clever!
Kevin and Katies wedding colors last summer were purple and orange. The purple waistband is a scrap of fabric that was leftover from the wedding.
Jessica - you're going to fool around and become a crafter yet!

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