Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Horse stool

This stool from an auction is a perfect example of "I wish it could talk". 

Because of the detail!

Someone made the stool, then wood burned a horse into the top. There is actually a horse on each end too, but that doesn't show in the picture.

Who was that someone? A dad or grandpa or brother maybe? Or could it have been some boy's shop or 4H project? Maybe it's wrong to assume it was a boy. It could have been a girl who made it.

It not perfectly built. It has a bit of a lean. The brace piece has writing on it from the manufacturer. It's not neatly joined up.

None of that matters. It was built for someone who loved horses. Or BY someone who loved horses. Maybe as a gift. Or a grade.

If only it could talk!

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