Thursday, April 7, 2016

Country Life = Country Club versus The Barn

On Easter, a friend of ours treated us to Easter brunch at the Country Club. We asked her to take a picture of us so I could send it to our son-in-law, who put himself through college on a golf scholarship (and academic as well... what a guy!). He practically grew up at the Country Club. George has been there a time or two for work luncheons. Me? It was my first time.

Uh oh, hidden behind the tree.

There we are! 
Lunch was delicious, and we had a great time.

But the reality is, we're not nearly as much the Country CLUB type,
as we are just COUNTRY type.

Fast forward to yesterday.
We have been helping with the neighbors goats for a few years. 
This year we bought them, they are our babies now.
The first one had her babies yesterday morning.

Mama is skittish, and not impressed with my efforts to take pictures
I couldn't get her and the babies all together in one shot.
They don't take directions very well.
Nor do they say cheese.

But all 3 kids are hers.
And so far, she is feeding all 3.

Altogether, there are around 20 goats ready to give birth.
Anyday now.

And believe me, they will be quite delighted to get it over with.
Some of them are looking quite miserable
as they waddle around!

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