Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Switching Gears to an Occasional Shop

For a loooooooooong time, I have wanted to switch our shop to an occasional shop. Until yesterday, we were open 5 days a week. Since our shop depends on vintage items and handmade/upcycled craft projects, and since I run the shop alone, being open 5 days a week was a real drawback.

I need to be out picking to keep fresh antique & vintage treasures coming in. Bless his heart, George would go out picking once in a while, but I hated to have him take time out of his busy schedule to do that on a regular basis.

And I need to keep crafting. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, and I have lots of supplies on hand. But no time when I'm so tied down to the shop.

I have always wished for a barn just outside of town to do once a month events. But the cold hard reality is that I am never going to find that setting, and even if I did, I wouldn't have the money to buy it.

I was afraid doing the once a month thing in my location in town wouldn't go over well. George would say, "why not?" And I would tick off my list of reasons.

Then one day I couldn't think of a reason.

Let's do this!

I'm very excited. I'm thrilled to know I now will have much more time for picking and crafting. We are putting our plan into action immediately.

This Friday & Saturday, we will have a storewide 20% off sale to clear out some inventory. This will make room for all the new things coming in. (Sale excludes eggs, jelly and bath & body products). If you have been thinking about buying something we currently have, I would advise you to do it then. By the time we are open again in July, it may not be there even if it hasn't sold. We walked around the shop one day, coming up with lots of upcyling ideas for many of the current items. So, what you see right now may have taken on a whole different look in July.

Speaking of new looks, that is the idea of the occasional shop. Our goal is to have a whole new look each month, with lots of new treasures. This may turn out to be more work than being open 5 days, but luckily, George and I both like to create and go junkin', so this should be fun. Exhausting maybe, but fun.

Note that we will be open each weekend in December until Christmas. Gotta take advantage of the Christmas shopping season. Santa needs somewhere to shop!

We spent last evening re-doing the display windows. I took pics, but it was getting dark, and they didn't turn out well at all. So, I'll take more pics in the daylight, and post those later.

If you are one of our egg buyers, we want to accomodate you. Knock on the door on Tuesdays from 11-2, and I will have eggs to sell. I'll be in the shop, working in the background. You can also buy them from Howard Family Farms on Saturday mornings at the Wheeling Farmer's Market. It's held in the parking lot of St. Mikes on National Road in Wheeling.

The occasional shop concept has become quite trendy. We hope and pray we can do it justice. Wish us luck!

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