Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sellers Cabinet with a Story

The stories she could tell! If only this old Sellers Cabinet could talk.

In fact, she did tell me a bit of her story.

See the wood attached to the side on the right? It should hold a wooden shelf.
There was a shelf there, covered in dirty pink paper.
I pulled it out to clean it, and when I took the paper off, it wasn't wood.

It was a folded up heavy cardboard calender.

From 1956!

That makeshift shelf has worked for a long time!
Love the resourcefulness of whoever came up with a solution using whatever they had laying around the house.

The cabinet had another story that is a mystery.
The pull out table part was in bad shape.
It's not enamel like most, but rather some kind of wood.
Maybe its the underlayment for enamel, and the enamel is missing?
It was all stained and nasty looking, so I painted it black.

My own version of resourcefulness.

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