Friday, March 2, 2012

Announcing 2012 Hours

Last year, I decided to cut down from being open 6 days a week to 4 days. There is just no possible way to be open that much, and still be crafting, or to be on the hunt for new antiques without hiring help. And hiring help is simply not an option. I'll be honest, I can't afford to hire help, nor do I want to get into the whole Worker's Comp expense.

Last year, I closed on Fridays and Saturdays to be free those days to go to auctions & flea markets. But, I realize that for many of you, Saturday is your only day off to shop. So.........

For 2012, I'm sticking with the 4 day week, but switching to Wed. thru Sat.

Every once in a while, I will need to close on Fridays or Saturdays to "go junking". Anytime I do that, I will notify you here or on the Country Lane Crafts facebook page.

I'm also keeping short hours on Saturdays. Why? After 1:00 or so, Saturdays are dead. As in, I can look out the door, and not see a soul in sight.

2012 Hours

Wednesday - Friday
10 - 5
10 - 1

This will take effect next Wednesday, March 7th. I'm going to stay closed a few more days to finish up some new inventory, and to put prices on all the new items.

And, the main reason I closed for the winter was because the store building is so cold. We've had a couple warm days this week, but did you hear? They are calling for snow this weekend! Bah!

I'm excited about all the new merchandise. I hope you will be too!

And there will be lots going on this year. There are several events being planned for Jefferson Avenue. A Spring Fling. A Fall Festival. An Old Fashioned Christmas. Farmer's Markets on Saturday mornings. And the one I'm most excited about...The Cost of Freedom display, including the Vietnam Veteran's Wall in August.

I've never seen the portable Vietnam Veteran's wall, but if it's half as impressive as the permanent one in Washington DC, it will be well worth the trip to Moundsville to see it. Standing before the Wall in DC is one of the most humbling and moving things I have ever done.

As for inside the walls of Country Lane Crafts, there will be lots happening too. Sometime this spring, there will be a Clearance Sale again UPSTAIRS. Possibly a Spring Open House. Definitely a Fall Open House. October of 2012 will mark our 10th anniversary!

Stay tuned!

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