Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Country Life = A Bird Takeover

I was sitting at our dining table this morning, looking out at the deck. I noticed several birds kept landing on the deck railing, but that's nothing new since there are trees close to the deck.

But then, one of the birds landed on the grill, and walked into the hole on the end of the grill cover. It turned right around and walked back out. A few seconds later though, another bird did the same thing. did NOT walk back out.

Uh Oh.

I went out to investigate. Bird poo around the grill. Bits of grass and straw underneath it.

And when I opened the cover............

Uh Oh. That's not good.

Well...I guess for the birds it was great. Not so much for us.

I stepped inside the house, and looked back out a couple minutes later.

And what did I see?

It certainly didn't take Billy long to catch the scent!

Isn't funny how photos show something very clearly that you don't notice in real life? We may have had a mild winter, but it must have been hard on the grill. Look at all that rust on the edge! Where did that come from? No wonder the birds took over, they think it's no longer usable!

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