Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter hours announced

What a busy time of the year!

As you can imagine, the Christmas season is the busiest time for my shop as customers are caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping for just the right gift for their loved ones.

In between customers, I've been going through inventory. I created a clearance corner, and have been keeping it filled. As fast as something sells off it, I add something else. There's been some great buys there!

I'm moving anything that's been on the floor longer than a few months back there. And some things that had been moved to clearance, and didn't get any attention there got moved out permanently yesterday - to Goodwill!

Why am I doing this? Because like last year, we're closing for the winter.

Closed for the season. Reason? Freezin'.


That old building is so cold. No matter how much I turn up the heat, no matter how much money I spend to turn up the heat, I still freeze in there.

And, when it's cold and snowy, not that many customers venture out anyway. Which means I spend more money heating the building, while making less sales. The math tells the tale.

So, we experimented last year with closing for the winter. It worked great. I get lots of time to be in my workshop creating new inventory.

Which is why I'm putting so much on clearance. I need room for all the new treasures that will be coming in!

There will be days here and there that I will open if weather permits. I'll need to keep taking things in so my workshop doesn't get overwhelmed. Last year, I was open 6 or 7 days. I would announce on facebook that I would be open, and the end result was that I sold almost as much in those few days as I had the previous winter when I was open every day. Again, the math tells the tale. I'll be doing the same this winter. Watch facebook for days I will open.

That explains the why I've been so busy in the shop. As for home, it's been just as busy as we've been doing our own Christmas hustle and bustle. I'm happy to say that I'm done shopping, and everything is wrapped.

That also makes Billy happy. As far as sleeping quarters, Christmas is his favorite time of the year!

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