Saturday, June 8, 2013

Long views of the shop

It's been awhile since I took "long view" pictures of the shop.
I tend to focus in on particular items, so I decided to stretch out a bit.
I didn't get it all, that's not an easy task!
But, I tried to get enough shots to get an overall feel for the shop.
These were all taken a few days ago, and things have changed already.
New treasures come in pretty much daily.
And, I'm happy to say, things go out daily as well.
I'll try to get more "long views" to show other areas from time to time.
We're constantly changing it up so to speak.
Rearranging is just part of the game.
The heavy part.
Thank goodness for those little plastic sliders
that make moving furniture on carpet a piece of cake!
So to speak.

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