Friday, June 28, 2013

Cleaning antiques one way or another

I picked these flags up at an auction the other evening. They are very fragile........ so why are they spread out on my deck? They smell! VERY musty. I wouldn't normally recommend cleaning something like this, but these need air. And rain. And sunshine. I'm letting nature take it's course, and we'll see what happens!

Some of the antiques we buy are beyond "normal" cleaning techniques.

  • Never use water on wood.
  • Never use a water hose on wood furniture.
  • Never lay fragile flags on a deck to get rained on.
  • And sunned on.

(I am aware that "sunned" isn't a word. Work with me)

But some of the antiques we buy are beyond "normal" cleaning techniques.

(I am aware I'm repeating myself. Work with me)

Sometimes we use whatever technique will work. It's that, or throw the nasty, dirty, smelly "yuk, no one wants to touch that" item away.

Please don't judge us.

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