Monday, July 1, 2013

Upcycled drawers

When we pick up a piece of furniture that can no longer be used "as is", we take it apart. There's usually several pieces that can be used for signs and other projects. I was starting to get quite a collection of drawers, and they were taking over my work space. It was time to come up with some ideas.
These were the first ones I painted........

After painting them, I added hangers to the back.
They can now be used either on the wall as shadowboxes or shelves, or on a table.
This one was from a desk, and it was already a pretty bluish/gray.
For something different, I turned it into a sign of sorts.
I left room at the bottom for some of those precious memories.
Perhaps a picture, or a treasure memento.
While I was at it, I did another one the same way.
These can either hang or sit.
For this one, I got out the chalkboard paint.
The whole thing is now a chalkboard.
Even the top and sides.
It too will either hang or sit.
I've got more to do something else with.
Might be time to go to Pinterest for inspiration!

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