Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quilt treasure

For the last month of so, our internet service at home has been horrendous. If we were lucky, we could get online for a couple hours in the early morning. After that, it might come in for a minute or two here & there, but never long enough or strong enough to do anything.

To top it off, we found out we were paying WAYYYY too much compared to what others around us were paying that provider.

Great big bill. Itty bitty service.

Not happy.

Couldn't update the blog. Or facebook. Well, once in awhile I could update facebook. If I had the patience to try to load one picture several times. I'm not exaggerating when I say it could take 20 minutes or so to upload one picture. If I could at all.

To keep facebook up to date, I did most of my recent posting at the store. Where my old computer is dying. There was a "blue screen" moment the other day. But it came back. Albeit it slower than ever.

It was enough of an effort to keep facebook updated. My blog had to wait.

DISH internet to the rescue! It was installed today, and so far.............. it's working great! It's actually high speed like it's supposed to be! Yay! And for considerably less money per month! Double Yay!!!

So, let's get this blog rolling again!

We'll start with this quilt we bought at a recent antiques auction. There was a note on the quilt that said it was made in 1869. By a 9 year old girl! Her name was also on the quilt, but I won't include that for privacy reasons.

Can't you just see the girl working on this, with her mama sitting beside her, guiding her and teaching her? It makes me smile.

I seldom buy for myself at an auction. Just about everything goes to the store to sell. But not this quilt. It's a keeper!

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