Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School desks

Any idea what this is?

Does this help?

Note the hole in the desk top.
In a classroom, the desks would have been set up like this...

The hole was for an inkwell.
Imagine a little girl with pigtails sitting in a seat.
And an ornery little boy in the seat behind her.

Wonder how many times ornery little boys
dipped those pigtails in the inkwell?

I found the classroom photo on the internet. It is:
 White Pine Village Marchido School in Ludington, Michigan

We have several of these desks in the shop right now for sale.
A great decorating piece for your home.

And if you have kids, they may love to play school with them! 

Along with the desks that we picked up at various auctions,
there was also a top that was missing it's desk.

I made a sign out of it, using a quote from a beloved children's author...

Dr. Seuss.

Oh, to have an imagination like Dr. Seuss!

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