Friday, January 10, 2014

Country Life = A Felt Food Gift

I want to show off what our daughter Jessica made for her niece for Christmas...

Felt food! 
How cool is that?
A sandwich complete with 2 pieces of bread,
 a hamburger, lettuce, Swiss & American cheese, a tomato, and 2 pickles.
A piece of pizza.
A fried egg.
3 beans.
An orange slice.
A strawberry.
A tea bag.
And for dessert?
A brownie, and 2 different types of cookies.

That sandwich looks good enough to eat!

For the finishing touch, she packaged it in a personalized bag.

Aunt Jess put lots of time and love into this gift, and I'm 
sure Abigail will have many hours of fun with it.

Very impressive Jessica!

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