Friday, January 31, 2014

Country Life = Snuggle Bunnies

Remember the big fabric bunny rabbits in dresses that were big a few years ago? Last summer, when I bought some stuff from a man who was closing his antiques store, one of those bunnies was sitting in a chair I wanted. The man said I could buy the chair, but the bunny was part of the deal.

I decided to hang onto her until this spring, and put her out on the floor at Easter. She is in good shape, underneath the dust.

Dust. Bunny.




I took her dress and bloomers off of her to wash them, and set her down in a chair in our basement.

When I went downstairs later in the evening, here is what I found.........

It was a very cold winter's night, and Billy saw an opportunity to snuggle up with a new friend!

Come on, say it with me now.


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