Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trash to treasure - Old windows

What's your winter been like? Ours has consisted of this.........

Trudging through the snow.

It's been a rough winter.
Cold. Sooooo cold.
But that's ok. We made it through.

While it's cold outside, we've been working in our warm studio.

We are working through a stack of old windows.
This one is very unique.
The flowers are made from an old tin roof.
I painted the big fork & spoon to compliment the flowers, 
then we attached it all to the window.

On this next window, I cheated a bit.
Removable decals are a lot faster than painting!

It's a little hard to read here, it says
Always Kiss Me Goodnight.

The next one I did paint...

Look! It's flowers instead of the snowflakes we see 
everyday out of our own windows.

I also painted this one.
The picture didn't come out very well,
but there's a bunny in the top pane.

We are working now through another stack of windows.

I don't know which is more exciting...
all the new windows for the store,
or the space it freed up in our studio.

A win/win situation for sure!

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