Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shelves with Heart Cutouts Updated

I was watching What Not to Wear on TLC the other day, and Carmindy was talking to a lady as she was teaching her how to do her makeup. The lady had prominent cheekbones, and had always tried to hide them. But rather than hide them, Carmindy accentuated the ladies cheekbones, which brought out her natural beauty. Carmindy said that women tend to try to hide what they see as their prominent feature, which is a mistake. Instead, they should highlight it and bring out their own unique beauty.

I decided to try that idea on.............. shelves!

Remember when cut out hearts in shelves were all the rage? Now, those once popular shelves are thrift shop cast offs. A dime a dozen.

Well, a bit more expensive than that. But you get my point.

I know some crafter's will put something on top of the heart to hide it. But, using Carmindy's advice, I decided to accentuate it instead, with a scrap from a an old cutter quilt.

The pictures aren't the best, but hopefully you can see them well enough to get the idea.

I just cut a rectangular section, and positioned it where I like it.

Then I stapled it on the backside.

This shelf has some interesting rectangle cutouts on the sides.
Not sure what the original intention was, but I like it anyway.

This style shelf in particular is pretty easy to find in 
thrift shops and at yard sales.

So, what do you think?
Does Carmindy's advice work on the shelves?
Personally,  I think it does, but I'm interested in YOUR opinion.

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