Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring is in the Air

Here in Moundsville, WV, the snow is finally melting, and Spring is in the air! The winter wasn't bad, until February, and then it hit with full force. After several weeks of brutal cold and snow, the highs in the 40's are feeling like a heat wave. What is that hill you ask? That is the Grave Creek Mound, built by the Adena Indians around 150 BC as a burial ground. Our town MOUNDsville was named after it, and it is just down the street from my shop, within easy walking distance.

Inside my shop, we are concentrating on Spring too. After a long winter, the brighter colors are so refreshing and uplifting.

Several customers have told me they are looking for turquoise decor right now. It pairs well with red, or yellow, or even brown.

These are displayed in a suitcase, or perhaps it was a typewriter case, or held a musical instrument. The green tone floral scarf threw over the back softens the hard edges and dresses it up a bit.

Here again, a vintage scarf adds to the look.

I hear the birds singing outside my window as I type.
They may indeed be singing "Oh Happy Day"!

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