Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blog or Babysit? Babysit!

I took a couple months off from blogging. Why? A big reason was that I usually wrote posts in the mornings before going to the shop. I've been rather busy the last few months in the mornings though. Why? Because I had the privilege of watching our grandson in the mornings. He would get here about 6:45 AM, and I would have him until his daddy got back from his bus run which gave me just enough time to get ready to go.

He would also spend an hour or so many days in the shop with me. We waited on customers, and got new inventory ready to go on the floor.

And in our down time, we spent some time poking around on Pinterest.

His mama in off work now for the summer, so I have my mornings back. I'm gonna miss giving him his morning bottle! Let me tell you, they just don't come any sweeter than that little guy!

Since I won't be baby sitting as much now, I can get back to blogging. I have several post ideas in mind. Stay tuned!

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