Friday, December 11, 2015

Creating My Own Images

I used to be so good about posting every couple of days. 
What happened? 

Life happened.

It's a struggle to find the time for blogging.
But I'm going to try again.

Recently, I found a website called
I've been using it to create some fun images for Facebook pages.

This one is the cover photo for a Facebook page
I started recently called Uptown Moundsville.
It features our uptown/downtown area,
which is full of tourist attractions & shopping.

I plan to make several encouraging the 
Shop Small & Support Local movement.

Our neighboring towns to the north and south are 2015 State Champs.
Seemed only fitting to design an image in their honor.

So true!

This one is in response to the shrinking Facebook reach on my own store page. 
You can see the whole post here.

There have been more, but I won't bore you with ALL of them,
 But I'm having lots of fun creating them!

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