Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas in our Shop

I'm a Christmas worrier. I'm afraid to wait until the last minute to shop; what if I get sick and can't? So, I usually try to get done a couple weeks ahead. We were running late this year, and didn't go shopping until the weekend before. And guess what happened? I got sick - from Christmas shopping! Oh the irony! Apparently I picked up a cold from one of my fellow shoppers. We shopped Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon - and Monday I got slammed with a cold. Aack!!! I've managed to keep the shop open, though my hands may fall off from washing them so often to try to keep from passing my cold to anyone else. By evening, I'm exhausted, and sleep all evening on the couch, running a fever which I typically do with a cold. Bah humbug! It's now Christmas eve morning, in the wee hours. 2:30 to be exact. I just woke up, went to the kitchen to get a drink, and am now wide awake. All that sleep must be catching up with me. But, I'm happy to say I'm feeling much better. I think I'll live after all! I glanced at the outside thermometer while I was up - it is 74 degrees! In the wee hours of Christmas Eve! Unbelievable! And raining. There were a line of storms moving toward us, but they must have fallen apart. Such an odd December.

While I'm laying here wide awake, I may as well do something productive. I'll show you some photos of our shop this Christmas:

Sleigh ride!

Ornaments galore.

This was a candle sconce, Home Interior I believe. 
I took the candles out & replaced them with snowmen.

A little garland gave this old stepladder a festive look.

This was a door we cut into 2 pieces. 
A fast seller, I'll be looking for more doors for next year.

Prim wreath.

Some pine and berries dressed up this nativity.

Window display.

The base of this is a wreath. 
The cardinal's nest nestled right into it. 

Nest nestled. 
I'm getting sleepy again!
Good night!

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