Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Country Life = Some Christmas Favorites

It's hard to believe Christmas has come.... and gone already! It still looks like Christmas at our house, I haven't taken down any of the decorations other than the tree. It's finally cold, so it just now FEELS like Christmas. I'll get around to taking them down one of these days, but I'm not in any particular hurry. It still feels somewhat like Christmas in our shop, because there are still lots of decorations on the floor - at 50% off! A good time to stock up for next year!

I'll share 4 of my favorite pictures from our family Christmas celebration:

Our daughter Jessica has been Santa/Present Passer-Outer for many years. This year she had a helper, although his hat was a bit too small. But you know what? When you are one year old, that just makes you even more adorable.

John jumped right into the job of helping pass out climbing on presents. 

The toy box was made by my dad, and was my sisters and then mine when we were little girls. My sister has had it since our parents both passed, but this year she gave it to John for Christmas. And he promptly climbed into it, and spent a good portion of the day sitting in it.

Friends of ours made the covered bridge. They also make barns, outhouses and other buildings. For several years, they made them, then sold them at local craft fairs. They no longer do the shows, but will make them for special orders. He mentioned one day that boys liked the bridges because they liked to run their cars through it. We had been thinking about ordering one of his custom buildings, and that sealed the deal, We wanted the bridge for John. Not only were they kind enough to accept our order (when they already had more orders than they planned for the season), but then they wouldn't let us pay for it. We will always treasure this generous, handmade gift from dear friends. And John loved it! We got so tickled at him peering through the bridge.

Great Christmas memories!!!

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