Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wedding jars with Burlap and Lace

I had a small collection of jars that I picked up here & there.
Nothing special, just run of the mill jars.
Not unique or vintage enough to sell as is.
Not suitable for home canning.
But I hung on to them, thinking some day
I'd come up with an idea for them.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found my inspiration.
A little burlap, a little lace & other odds & ends
transforms plain ole jars into things of beauty!

The rose on the one above is actually an ear ring.

Buttons are a great go-to when looking for an embellishment.

I love the little grapevine heart. 


Jute twine goes so well with burlap & lace. 
For an adhesive, I used my hot glue gun.
I didn't know how well it would adhere to the glass, 
but it did surprisingly well.

Jars like these are great for weddings.
Use as is, or add a simple bouquet.

I had fun upcycling the jars,
and they are all now available in our shop.

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