Friday, April 7, 2017

A Tisket, A Tasket

Baskets are great in and of themselves.
But sometimes its fun to take them up a notch.

A touch of ribbon and a flower or two give them a whole new look.

The red and white shaker style box also got an upgrade, with a quilted flower and tag.

I just glued the flower to the top, then tied the tag to the button in the middle of the flower. A box as sweet for looking at as it is for storage. 

The heart in the basket is made from an old chenille bedspread, and is also wearing a tag.

Lousy picture I know. Why? It's in the display window, and I was taking the photo through the glass. I should have taken them out of the window for the picture, but my energy level and my thought process level the day I took the photos were not in sync.

The basket on the left is embellished with a burlap ribbon and flower. The one on the right is sporting a burlap ribbon and heart cut from an old quilt.

The wine bottle basket also got dressed up with a burlap ribbon and flower. Burlap dresses up anything these days. There's a certain irony to humble burlap dressing something up, isn't there? 

This is a BIG basket. Close to laundry basket size. 
Pretty cool.

A tisket, a tasket, a dressed up wicker basket! 

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