Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quilted wall hangings

My friend Debbie made all the wall hangings below. The pictures don't do them justice!

We decided to come up with some unique hangers, so I started digging through my barnwood stash.

On some, I put the barnwood in the front, on others it went on the back. When the wallhanging is on the back, it's simply stapled to the wood. When the wallhanging is on the front, it's attached with upholstery nails.

The barnwood is then embellished with rusty stars, or buttons, or painted & distressed wood stars, or whatever I find laying around.

She also made the embroidered stitcheries in this photo. Gotta love locally made, don't ya?

Some have tab hangers. George made the metal rod that this one is hanging on. (...oh by the way honey, I'll need you to make some more of those...)

I'm loving these, what a great way to decorate a wall in your home! Stop in to see the rest of them!

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