Friday, June 8, 2012

Still haven't had time to take pics for the blog...though I did have fun the other evening taking engagement pictures of my son and his fiance! It's so much fun to take pictures with a GOOD camera! Wonder if I can talk him into giving it to me? No? Didn't think so.

I've spent the last couple of days playing with my new Sihlouette Cameo. I've seen lots of talk about it in blogland, most of which says it's super easy to use. Well......I don't know about SUPER easy, but I'm getting there. Part of my problem has been trying to learn on small, intricate cuts. Best to learn on something with some size!

My biggest problem has been getting the knife set at the right depth. Trial and error is working that bug out though.

The other problem was the noise. It was really getting on my nerves! I had it sitting on top of a wood cupboard, and it was very, very noisy. Finally, I got smart and put a quilt under it. What a difference! That absorbed much of the noise. I'll switch out to a towel or something similar, but for today, I just grabbed the first thick piece of cloth I came to.

The best part? I was cutting out tractors, barns, goats, chickens, sheep, cows, and cowboy boots. Guess what those templates cost me? NOTHING! No cartridges (think Cricut). I just downloaded some images I found online, traced around them with the Sihlouette software, and had my die cuts! Wonderful!!!

I've got to go....there's a big car show going on in the street in front of me. Time to stroll and admire!

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