Monday, October 8, 2012

Auction day

George and I went to a farm auction on Saturday. It was threatening rain, in the upper 40's and windy. Brrr!!! Oh! And on a hilltop......just right for the wind to cut right through you.

But when the contents for sale come out of a barn like this one, you smile despite the cold.

Isn't that cool? We didn't get to go inside the barn, though I would have liked to. Everything for sale had been removed and was laying around it and in a large yard up from it.
Looks like it's in the middle of nowhere doesn't it? Alas, it was actually right beside the highway...
I was standing in the same spot when I took the barn picture and the highway picture, so that shows you how close we were to the highway. I'm sure before the interstate system, it was a nice quiet farm. But now, you hear the constant roar of the traffic.
Back to the auction. At first, we thought we had driven an hour for nothing. The bids were high. Way too high for our blood.
And one man in particular was bidding on everything we wanted. And getting it. We couldn't go anywhere near his prices. Usually when that happens, it's because we're bidding against an individual who is buying for his or her own collection.
But in this case, the man was a dealer. His customers must have lots more money than mine do! I don't know how he was making any profit when he was paying so much up front. Oh well, that's none of my business is it? lol.
But as the cold morning wore on, the sun started peeking through, and our luck started changing.
When it was all said and done, we had a truckload. And could have had more, but we passed on several things because we knew we were full.
It's all barn dirty and needs a good hosing off. I did a little of that yesterday, but the weather was even worse with a cold steady rain. No need to make myself sick playing in the water!
The weather looks a bit more promising today, so I'll be pulling everything off and cleaning it. Then it all gets loaded back up, then unloaded again at the store where the slow process of entering it into inventory, pricing and tagging and putting it out on the floor begins.
Lots of work involved, but the thrill of the hunt never gets old!

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