Saturday, October 20, 2012

Country Life = The beauty of Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year.
I wait patiently, and each year I'm rewarded with it's beauty.
This year, God has granted us an especially colorful season.

It seems everywhere I look, the colors are incredibly vivid.
This is the view from our kitchen....I drink it in every chance I get.
I decided to take the camera, and get a closer view.......

The chickens thought I was coming for them.

So did the goats.
Sorry girls, I'm on a mission.
The woods await.
I headed in, but not alone.......
Billy never misses a chance for a walk.
(He thinks he's a dog. Don't tell him any different.)
The leaves were absolutely gorgeous. 
While I took their beauty in, Billy stood guard.......
While I looked for nature's hidden treasures.....
 Billy watched for nature's foes.

 While I admired our cows through nature's perfect frames..........
Billy decided to pose so I didn't forget who was most deserving of admiration.
Ahhh, yes....
Around here, Billy is King.
Lest we forget.
After properly admiring his regal beauty,
I went back to the autumn beauty.
And that's when it happened.
A snort.
Don't worry Billy.
It's just a deer.
We couldn't see it, but it could see us.
And it didn't appreciate our presence.
Oh well, that's ok.
I don't appreciate the deer's presence in our yard either.
More specifically, the garden.
 I went back to admiring the cows.
And the trees.
And I could have stayed there for hours.
But, darkness was starting to creep in.
And while by day I feel no fear in our woods,
night is a different story.
When the coyotes start howling,
I want to be safely tucked inside the 4 walls of our house.
So we headed back, and watched the rest of the daylight fall
from the comforts of the front porch.
Ahhh, fall.

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