Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New fall crafts

Some new fall crafts I've been working on....

Instead of putting these scarecrows on a wreath,
I opted for barn wood...

I picked up an orange piece of fabric at a thrift store.
Very, very orange.

It was just enough to make some bowl filler size pillows,
which I decorated with some black paint.

This fabric also came from a thrift store.
Actually, it was orange curtains!

The boxes in the center are vintage berry boxes.
Complete with berry stains on the inside!

I had fun turning them and the small flower pots
into jack-o-lanterns!

And speaking of fun......

I wish you could hear the giggles every time
someone reads the slate on the left out loud!

If you think
I'm a Witch
you should meet 
my Sister

I ran across the other saying a couple days ago...

If the broom fits, ride it. 

Yep, another good saying for my pretty little witch!

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