Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage fun!

Some of what came out of the barn I showed in the last post

A wood wash tub.
As in washing machine.
Kinda makes you appreciate our modern ones, huh?

Four wheelbarrows.
Two with metal wheels and two with rubber wheels.
Perfect for your yard filled with pumpkins & mums.
Or flowers next spring.
I've even seen them turned into a fire pit for roasting s'mores!
(Saw that on Pinterest.... where else?)
Isn't this old rusty tool box the coolest thing ever?
Or is it a tackle box?
 And how about this grinding wheel?
This was literally spoken for within seconds of us putting it out on the floor!
Very heavy!
A Griswald burner.
I don't know if it could still be used as a burner or not.
But I think it would look great on a porch with potted plants setting on top.
We're always on the look out for more wheels of any size.
The biggest one in the back (right side) sold within minutes.
Vintage fun!

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