Sunday, March 17, 2013

Country Life = Oreo Cows

I'm back! I took a little blogging sabbatical so to speak. Only my research on the word sabbatical suggests that it is usually a paid leave. Whoever was supposed to pay me must not have got the memo. Maybe next time.

I'll get new store pictures up soon, but first, by special request, is the latest members in our farming world:

Well, technically they are Belted Galloways. But look at them! Black on both ends with a white belt down the middle.
They belong to Kevin & Katie who traveled most of the way across PA yesterday to buy them and bring them home. They will be going back in a couple months to pick up the heifers they also bought who are getting bred soon.
The 4 they brought home yesterday had never been off their farm before. They were just leading a peaceful life of eating grass and hay. Then Kevin & Katie showed up with a trailer, and the cows went from going about their daily business to riding on the highway for several hours.
They were not impressed.
So, understandably, they are also not impressed with Kevin & Katie right now. Or me & George. How did I get close to them to take their picture? I didn't. Camera zooms are lovely little devices are they not?
Most of the day, this is what we saw if we got remotely close to the beautiful Belties:
There were lots of opportunities to get shots of their backsides. With the zoom.
But by the end of the day, they were getting somewhat used to us. Somewhat being the operative word. But there was progress.
And that's a good thing.


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