Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The welcome mat is out

I saw a story in the news this morning about a specialty grocery store in Australia. It seems they are tired of folks coming in their store, looking at their products, and then leaving without buying anything. So, they have put up a sign saying there's a $5 "just looking" fee.If you buy, that will be subtracted off the total.

Ok then. Wonder how they feel about the backlash they have received world wide? This is just the type of thing that spreads through social media like wildfire.

I had a customer tell me one time that she had gone in a shop in our town "just to look". When she left, she heard the owner say to an employee, "I don't know why she comes in here. She never buys anything". My customer was understandably upset about that, and said she would never go in there again.

I'm sure we all have been "just lookers" at some time in our life. Maybe often times. What's wrong with that? Nothing.

Some of my best advertising has come from "just lookers". Mary Jane may not need a thing. But she has friends and family. And she may mention to them something she saw in my shop. And, it may be just what they have been looking for.

The old adage that word of mouth is the best advertising is so true. I'm afraid that specialty grocery store in Australia is about to find that out the hard way!

I extend a heartfelt welcome to all of you who come in my shop. Whether you buy. Whether you don't. The welcome mat is always out....... for everyone.

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