Thursday, May 30, 2013

A hidden surprise in an old dresser

I had plans to paint an old dresser that came from a recent auction. But, the more we looked at it, we decided it was too far gone to paint. Old furniture often has some issues. We lovingly call those issues "character". But, this one had way too much character! As in it's falling apart and beyond repair.

We decided it was worth more to take it apart for the wood. It will make great sign boards! We have learned to look at furniture as a whole, and also as parts. A whole new perspective.

The dresser was filthy, an indication that it had been stored in a barn or shed for years. When we started tearing it apart, we found more evidence of that..........

Deep inside the dresser, on the back wall behind the drawers were the usual cobwebs. But it's the first time we've ever seen footprints. See them on the right side? A raccoon had taken up residence in the dresser!
If that doesn't add character, I don't know what does?
Not sure that's a good thing though!

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