Thursday, May 23, 2013

A junker's heart

There's 2 times of year that we seem to do exceptionally well at buying "junk" for the store.

In the spring when we're weeding/planting/mulching flowers & vegetables.
In the summer when we're harvesting/canning/freezing fruits & vegetables.

Which results in organized unorganized chaos.

Why can't the good junk come during a lull?
Never mind, we never have lulls.


Last Saturday, the guys split up and went to 2 different auctions.
Both said, "I should have taken the trailer".

George came rolling in first with his load.
He's an old pro at this.
Kevin came rolling in next.
This was his first solo run.
I think he's got the hang of it already!
Next came the story telling.
A vital part of every auction.
Then came the unloading/sorting/cleaning.
Then the reloading/taking to store/unloading. 
And then the pricing/rearranging/placing on floor.
Which make the few hours standing in the sun/bidding/loading at the auction look easy.
Why do we do it?
We're junkers at heart.
That's a good/crazy/fun/embarrassing/cheap/thrifty/ridiculous thing.
Take your pick.

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