Monday, May 6, 2013

Country Life = Fern Determination

I've always admired big Boston Ferns on a front porch, but I've never bought one until this year. Last Saturday in fact. I knew just where I wanted to put it. A little table behind my two rocking chairs.

This may seem an odd spot to take a picture of it, but I was looking out the door on Sunday morning, and kind of liked the perspective. So, I snapped a photo.
It was pretty windy on Sunday morning, but that is a protected area. Or so I thought.
I came home after church to find the fern on the floor. Upside down.
I picked it back up, and sat it back on the table, then went in the house for lunch.
I heard a thump.
It was back on the floor.
So, I found an old kettle, put it on the table, and then placed a rock inside the kettle.
I set the fern in the kettle.
Kettle. Rock. Fern.
We're good now.
Monday (today) it's still windy. No problem.
I went to town. Came home. Glanced at the porch to admire the fern.
It's on the floor.
Upside down.
With the kettle on top of it.
And the rock.
Ok then. So it's not a protected area.
George said, "just keep it on the floor".
But I bought it to put on the table.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
I just haven't found it yet.
But I will.

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Jo said...

Maybe you could tie the fern down then see if the wind overturns table & all!

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