Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Country Life = Spring Babies on the Farm

Say hello to our newest addition - Striker!
This was taken just a few hours after he was born, isn't he a cutie?

As is usually the case, by the time we found the new baby,
Mama already had everything under control.
Willow may be a first time mother, but she knows exactly what to do,
and so does Striker. Their God-given instincts take over.

Why the name Striker?
We just kept saying how striking he looks with that dark black hair
and white spots on his head and either side.
So Striker he is.

The rest of the goats are doing well too, this is Jessica and her baby.

And Carmelle with her twins.

I have actually lost track of how many mamas and babies there are!

And that isn't counting all the dairy goats and their babies!
Don't worry, the one on the stump isn't hurt, she's just playing.

After a bit, all the goats wandered back outside, 
where one of the babies greeted the sheep.

It's really hard to say which is sweeter...
baby goats or baby lambs.

Maybe what is sweeter is our great nephews.

Yep, it's definitely our great nephews.

Looks like our son Kevin who owns all these animals 
will have plenty of help taking care of all of them!

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