Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Perfect for the Flower Garden

This time of year, we are always on the lookout for old stuff that will look great in your flower beds, or will make unique planters.

No worries about this old plow blowing away!

These old waterers would make great planters!

The bowl shaped ones were mounted in the barn for dairy cows 
to be able to drink as they were being milked.

The tall one on the right used to be our chicken waterer. 
As you can see, it has earned it's retirement.

And let's not forget the old shortening cans on the left!
Wouldn't that red and white one be pretty with a fern in it?
Or hey! How about red geraniums?

Old buckets are perfect for flowers.

So is old kitchenware.

Old beds are the perfect backdrop in a flower garden.

Dig around your basement or barn or shed. Use your imagination.
You may come up with all kinds of fun garden decor without spending a dime!
Of course, if you have some extra dimes you'd like to spend, you are always more than welcome to spend them in my shop! 

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