Sunday, May 4, 2014

Decorated chairs

Sometimes at an auction, you bid on something without getting a super good look at it. When a set of 6 chairs came up on the auction block, and the price was reasonable, I stuck my bid card up in the air and won the bid. When we were loading them, we saw why the price was reasonable. Two were in great shape, but the other 4 were a little more questionable.

Everything was good except the seats were just starting to come apart. All could still be used at this point, but somewhere down the road, those woven seats are going to let go. And I don't want to sell them that way, then be the one responsible when someone gets let down in a hurry in the middle of dinner!

So, the 2 good ones are being sold as chairs. But the other 4 have been remade into decorations.

The bear is wearing a vintage crocheted baby dress!

It's funny how a photo looks different that reality.
Here it looks like the bear is being swallowed up by the tiger lilies.
But in real life, he's holding his own.

Lot's going on in this photo!
This chair from the set got adorned with a doll and pip berries.
The happy, happy, happy chair is another trash to treasure project.
The feed sack is framed in an old window.
Love the old black magazine rack with a floral front.
And the New Idea sign is from an old piece of farm equipment.

Come on Google!
Give us the ability to rotate pictures!

If anyone knows how, please let me know.
I've researched it, and it seems to be a problem for everyone.

I have it rotated in my software on my computer,
but when I upload it to the blog, it goes back on it's side.

That has actually kept me from uploading several photos.
I'd start a post, then realize the only pictures I had would need rotated.
So much for that.

But since the first three were upright, I'll go ahead and show this one.

An angel, some ivy, a pillow, and roses gave this chair a new look.

I'll let you go now, so you can rub your neck after twisting it to see this one.

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